Photography concept in fine dining restaurant


Fine dining unnerves many people. It seems like there are so many different rules to follow in regard to dress code and etiquette. Currently, very few people indulge in fine dining. Most people prefer casual dining at barbecue restaurants, sushi bars, fast food restaurant, and pizza joints. However, photography concept in fine dining might demystify it and allow more people to frequent fine dining restaurants.

  1. Food
    Fine dining restaurants often use different words to describe food on the menu. For instance, the menu lists foods such as Foie gras instead of liver and beef carpaccio instead of raw meat. While there is a long list of unfamiliar food on fine dining restaurant menus, there are many other options. Through food photography, fine dining restaurants attain exposure and improve their popularity. Many people feel embarrassed about asking for help at such high-end restaurants. They may feel that the waiter or their companion will find them backward or uninformed. Hence, they end up ordering food they do not know and cannot eat. Restaurants can upload photographs of different foods on their website, as well as, the basic recipe to ensure that the customers can have a rough idea of what to order. The photographs of fine dining foods often consist of some form of intimidating elegance. However, the colors, garnishing, ingredients and pleasant appearance of the food illuminates the creativity and thought that goes into fine dining. The customer will definitely want to taste the food despite the intimidating elegance in the photographs.
  2. Scenery
    The interior of fine dining restaurants consists of high-end furniture, decorations, and designs. Photography of the interior is challenging because most fine dining restaurants have low key lighting systems. Illuminating the setting with lights will provide a distorted idea of the restaurant’s actual scenery. Therefore, the photographer must learn to work with the available light in the restaurant. Photographing the scenery during the day is better because the photographer can take advantage of natural light. Secondly, most fine dining restaurants open at night. Therefore, the photographer can get shots of the beautiful scenery without any distractions.
  3. People
    While the scenery of the restaurant without any diners is beautiful, photographing the people in the diner can also be useful. The photographer should make a point to take more photographs of the restaurant during the night and don’t forget your tripod( Photographs of people dining at the restaurant give the audience and customers an idea of the mood to expect when dining there. Additional photographs of the chefs, waiters, and waitresses going about their activities are also important. They make the restaurant appear normal and friendly, as opposed to, standoffish and intimidating. The photographer should request the chef to allow him to take photos of him preparing and cooking the food.

These are just the few photography concepts using a good camera  that can be incorporated in fine dining ( The photographer can also take different shots of the kitchen setting  such as the spice shelf, the butchery section or the freezer to make the composition more interesting and intriguing. images-3

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