Ping Pong Event Held in Tanners Restaurant


Tanners will present the first ever Tanners Ping Pong Event! This event will pit the city’s best table tennis teams against one another, which means it will be an exciting tournament, isn’t it? If you agree with us, don’t forget to mark your calendar: August 11, 2016, you don’t want to miss it. You know where to find us: 1006 S Lake Howard Dr, Winter Haven, FL 33880, United States. This is a great event, aiming to benefit a charity of our choosing (which we will announce the opening of the event). It’s for a great cause after all!


Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016,

Time: 5 PM to 10 PM (Warm up: 5:00 PM, Competition: 6:30 PM)

Place: 1006 S Lake Howard Dr, Winter Haven, FL 33880


-Tournament entry for an amazing fun and cool prizes

-A single drink ticket for your 1st draft

-A part of the registration proceeds will be given to the charity of our choosing


  • A special cask will be there
  • A beer liner can be approached outside ( serving special brews as well)
  • It’s an exciting night out with lots of things and happenings to see in just one night!


First Place: A total amount of $600, which consists of

  1. Four Tanners Club Memberships worth $250
  2. Fifteen gallons of Keg from Tanners for your future party worth $200
  3. A whole month of UNLIMITED membership of the Pong Society for four individuals worth $150

Second Place: A total amount of $250, which consists of

  1. Four Tanners Club Memberships worth $130
  2. Three-visit passes to Pong Society for four individuals worth $120

Third Place: A total amount of $198, which consists of

  1. Tanners Custom Twenty-two oz. to-go four-pack worth $68
  2. Three-visit pass to Pong Society for Four individuals worth $120


As mentioned earlier, the tournament will be a 4-player team tournament, with an exciting format that your eyes will surely not leave the ball! For company and individual teams, you can sign up in advance. Individual players, however, will be grouped into teams automatically. (Table tennis Lovers have many pingpong tables to choose from)


  1. The two teams must line up their players behind the table tennis table, get the game spirit running, and choose a preliminary player.
  2. When you’ve chosen who goes 1st, the 1st 2 players on every team will play out 1 pt.
  3. Whoever player who loses the point shifts to the back of their designated team line, and the following team member moves forward for the next serve.
  4. If a certain player gets three points in a row, he or she will also move at the back of the last person on their team line, while the opposing team prepares their server.
  5. Each match will be best two-out-of-3-games (target: 11 pts.)
  6. You are encouraged to show your support by shouting for your teammates.
  7. The official serve rules will apply for this tournament.

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