The importance of keeping your restaurant toilet clean


toiletImagine getting into a restaurant whose stench is felt all over the restaurant. It is not only unhygienic but also a turn off to loyal customers.  The toilet is the most visited room in the restaurant and its cleanliness is vital to the future of the business. The science behind alcohol is increased urination, which means frequent toilet visits. Sanitation and health bodies have to ensure there is a toilet before providing a license to the restaurants. The legal battles a restaurant can go through as a result of such a negligence can be the worst experience for a restaurant owner.

These are some of the reasons it is important to keep the toilets of restaurants clean

Disease prevention

Public toilets harbor bacteria and germs that cause communicable diseases. The frequent visits by customers attract different bacteria, which are easily transmittable. The toilet restaurants should be clean at all times with all the sanitation equipment available and in working condition. These will improve the hygienic conditions since there will be a responsible use of the toilets to avoid accumulation of germs.

Maintain hygienic standards

Food handling business is a sensitive business because the food is directly consumed and infused into the blood stream. The moment the hygienic standards are compromised; the effect on the customers can be detrimental and they have a right to sue the restaurant for damages, which can cause a serious loss to the business. The toilet must have a good flash system reachable to all customers with clean water available like toto washlet toilets, check toilets compared here . There should be regular cleaning within the day to keep it clean throughout the day and night.

Maintain brand name

The innovation if advanced technology and era of graphic applications and social media create a platform for timely updates. A customer can create a viral post of a dirty restaurant, which can be shared globally through the internet and raise a social media outcry; despite any positive features, the restaurant may possess the restaurant is bound to be closed.  A clean toilet improves one’s appetite and enhances the word of mouth referral, which is essential in enterprise development.

Sanitation procedure

Before a restaurant is licensed to operate, toilets, sinks, and other sanitation equipment must be available. Lack of a toilet in a restaurant can cause the authorities to shit done the hotel.

Clients comfort

Restaurants are areas to offer relaxation outside the home. It should be home away from home. Where will customers release themselves? The toilet helps customers have comfort while within the premises.

Excretion is a normal body function; it is the right of a customer to have a clean toilet within the restaurant. This makes them happy and comfortable.

The cleanliness of a toilet has more benefits to the restaurant owner than the customers. Remember you are in business, competition may capitalize on that to drive customers away and this will put you off the business. A dirty toilet will promote customers to use the toilet surrounding to help themselves, this is even worse because of environmental pollution which the government might take stern action against the owner.

How Unique Table Designs Can Make Your Restaurant Popular

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A lot of people are known for choosing a restaurant for more than just their food, other factors such as the restaurants setting, style, hygiene etc. have a knack for having an impact on the customers’ view of restaurants. Although tables are the last thing most people are worried about when setting up the restaurant they don’t realize that if people take so much notice of the color, shape, and design of the plate they are eating in, some people might also care about what is on their plate.


Seeing a Plain a plain and Boring Flat Surface might convince the person seated that the food would be equally boring no matter how lavish the meal is, psychologically they have prepared themselves for the inevitable, thus rendering them unable to enjoy the food. The critics don’t just see a critic criticize the smell and taste of the food, you see them zoom in on the appearance first, beautiful table designs might not do anything to enhance the flavor or aroma of the food, but they certainly have an impact on the appearance of the food. Be it a fancy table cloth with intricate patterns or under the glass magazine cut outs or pictures of Greek God’s telling their own story that gives the table an interesting look, it is enough to make a lot of people at peace while they wait for their food to arrive as time passes quickly when one is busy. These designs are sometimes enough to distract a whiny toddler that might just become entranced and make the table into their own personal story book. As parents have a knack for choosing the restaurant that is best to handle their child’s demands to be distracted, separate table clothes with graphic cartoon designs hugging it should be kept at hand especially for those high chairs for children, whose boring flat wood won’t stop the child from screaming and bringing the restaurant to his feet. This generation is filled with people who are greatly influenced by television, hence whenever they are at restaurant they wish to judge it no less than judges on Master Chef would.  Most restaurant owners won’t find much use in having unique table designs but the pros of such a thing outweigh any although non-existing cons of the whole situation.


Nowadays, most table designs are preferably made out of wood. Nothing can beat the feel and smell of a wooden table, completed with a sophisticated design and the setting on top of the table. Added to that, most wooden tables are carefully crafted, used by a heavy duty table saw that is strong enough to cut through the thick wood. Better be knowledgeable before buying the right table saw, check this Table Saw Camparison Review to know more:


Giving Your Restaurant a Romantic Ambience

sweet 2

In this day and age, you spot a lot of couples in your day to day life who like to celebrate a lot of mile stones they reach in their relationship, be It their one week anniversary, one month anniversary or one year anniversary, a lot of them wish to spend a lovely romantic lunch or dinner together at a restaurant that suits their romantic mood and restaurant managers have to achieve this atmosphere by circling what’s trending.

All sorts of couples, whether they’re young, middle-aged, old, starting, married, live in, and etc. every one of them would not mind a bit of romantic atmosphere on their dates, although each category might have their own set of ideas of what a romantic setting is, a good restaurant would find a leeway and artfully combine their ideas or find the common thread.

These restaurants usually adapt themes of foreign countries that are known for their romanticized nature in history like Italy, France or Greece. Dim settings or subtle lights also aim to provide a rather intimate setting for couples. Not only do they adapt themes they can also use colors such as pink or red that usually symbolize love, the restaurant can strive to create a romantic atmosphere for its customers, making whatever milestone they have reached a special and memorable one by accenting the look with colors of red or pink, especially if they want to keep the theme subtle.

Others who aim to give their restaurant a bold romantic look they can use the colors of red and pink rather lavishly. Using accessoriessweets such as roses, warm glowing twinkle lights, scented candles and abstract art help add to the intimacy, urging the couples to recommend their personal slice of romantic heaven to their friends and acquaintances. Bold or subtle look either one can be tuned in or out of using too many or too little accessories the former being the right amount for bold while the latter stood on the just right scale For subtle. Adopting the perfect ways to achieve the romantic ambiance will do wonders for your business as you strive to provide things celebrating couples of this century want but are too busy to achieve.

For the people going to their own date, never be lost and late on your first date by using a navigation system. Be sure to never forget everything you need for a date. View this and you will find different brands of GPS to know the right route.

Selecting Color Themes for Restaurants

color themes

As much as people like to preach the term ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ in today’s day and age that’s exactly what people are doing today. If one doesn’t explore beyond what they can see, they won’t know what the content is worthy of since they refuse to explore past the look of it. This term can be avidly applied to the restaurant and how its looks and hygiene attract the spectator to the phase of actually visiting and checking if the food is as good as the image the restaurant provides.

The restaurant business is thriving in this day and age, with stiff competition at every nook and cranny. Restaurant owners should not only focus on providing high quality food but should add making their restaurant look as spectacular as the food tastes, to attract customers away from their competition onto their to do lists. One of the most important things one might notice about their ideal restaurant apart from its cleanliness is its color scheme and theme. Beautiful color coordination paired with artful furniture has the ability to catch the eye of even the busiest of people and provide an environment the customers are more likely to feel comfortable with.

Good and tasteful color coordination has the ability to lure the customers who would be curious to see if the restaurant with such a tasteful, flamboyant, and appealing look produce food that can be described with the same adjectives? Colors play a vital role in our life, every color having its own qualities to bring about different atmosphere to one’s surroundings. Warm tones such as maroon or purple are often used to provide sophisticated environment whereas light colors such as peach or pink are used to provide a slightly mundane, light and cheerful atmosphere. Hiring interior designers to have the ability to carefully craft colors together to provide a lovely environment, blending them in such a way that the theme doesn’t lose its sophisticated look but at the same time feels aren’t too stern, or whatever atmosphere you are striving to give your restaurant. Color theme designs are great to be used by a heavy duty table saw.

List of Things that a Restaurant Must Have



Are you sure you’re ready to open a restaurant business? Like any other types of business, opening a restaurant is not an easy task. It requires you to do a lot of processes and responsibilities. You’ll have to double-check that you have everything that it needs, such as a menu, a logo, a working staff, and etc. before finally opening your doors to customers. To make it less difficult here is a list of things a restaurant must have.

Point of Sale System

This is one of the most crucial things a restaurant must have. A POS system allows the restaurant to manage their track sales and inventory usage, by defining the exact amount of product used for each investment. This way, you’ll be able to eventually calculate the value of goods sold, which plays a big part in your restaurant outlays.


Obviously, you won’t be able to create the food in your menu if your restaurant does not have the proper equipment. All restaurants have the basic kitchenware such as pots, pans, and etc. For a finer diner, they probably need to have mixers, cutlery, and other state-of-the-art kitchen equipment.

Cold Storage

Almost all restaurants need refrigerators and freezers to be able to keep foods cold. For example, ice-creams will need to be placed in a freezer as soon as it arrives to prevent it from melting. Restaurants also stack meat in big freezers to stop it from spoiling. Most restaurants have a walk-in refrigerator, while others have a room filled with regular freezers and fridges.

A Logo

Even non-dining businesses need a logo for it to work out. But your logo must be more than a park, it should be a mirror of what your restaurant is. Making a logo requires you to research and experiment, and not just a copy of another restaurant’s logo.


There are many things to consider before installing a signage for your restaurant. Is it visible to people passing by? Will it light up during the night? Will trees and bushes cover the sign? Can it be read properly? Does it clearly mark your restaurant, or is there any other name that shares with it? Like making a logo, you can’t just simply “pick up” a signage design just because it’s “fine”.

A Suitable Menu (Or Menus)

If you have a restaurant, then you should know that every detail, from the biggest to the smallest, like a menu should be thought carefully. There are restaurants who do not think of a great design for their menu, which discourages the diners to even read them. It needs to be readable and visible, even to aged people who usually can’t see properly with their naked eye.

A Responsive Website

If your restaurant has a website, you can check your standing through Google Analytics. It will show you how many internet users have visited your restaurant’s online site. Your website must be easy to navigate, and you should have someone who clearly knows your business to answer some of the questions interested customers will ask on your website.





Ping Pong Event Held in Tanners Restaurant


Tanners will present the first ever Tanners Ping Pong Event! This event will pit the city’s best table tennis teams against one another, which means it will be an exciting tournament, isn’t it? If you agree with us, don’t forget to mark your calendar: August 11, 2016, you don’t want to miss it. You know where to find us: 1006 S Lake Howard Dr, Winter Haven, FL 33880, United States. This is a great event, aiming to benefit a charity of our choosing (which we will announce the opening of the event). It’s for a great cause after all!


Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016,

Time: 5 PM to 10 PM (Warm up: 5:00 PM, Competition: 6:30 PM)

Place: 1006 S Lake Howard Dr, Winter Haven, FL 33880


-Tournament entry for an amazing fun and cool prizes

-A single drink ticket for your 1st draft

-A part of the registration proceeds will be given to the charity of our choosing


  • A special cask will be there
  • A beer liner can be approached outside ( serving special brews as well)
  • It’s an exciting night out with lots of things and happenings to see in just one night!


First Place: A total amount of $600, which consists of

  1. Four Tanners Club Memberships worth $250
  2. Fifteen gallons of Keg from Tanners for your future party worth $200
  3. A whole month of UNLIMITED membership of the Pong Society for four individuals worth $150

Second Place: A total amount of $250, which consists of

  1. Four Tanners Club Memberships worth $130
  2. Three-visit passes to Pong Society for four individuals worth $120

Third Place: A total amount of $198, which consists of

  1. Tanners Custom Twenty-two oz. to-go four-pack worth $68
  2. Three-visit pass to Pong Society for Four individuals worth $120


As mentioned earlier, the tournament will be a 4-player team tournament, with an exciting format that your eyes will surely not leave the ball! For company and individual teams, you can sign up in advance. Individual players, however, will be grouped into teams automatically. (Table tennis Lovers have many pingpong tables to choose from)


  1. The two teams must line up their players behind the table tennis table, get the game spirit running, and choose a preliminary player.
  2. When you’ve chosen who goes 1st, the 1st 2 players on every team will play out 1 pt.
  3. Whoever player who loses the point shifts to the back of their designated team line, and the following team member moves forward for the next serve.
  4. If a certain player gets three points in a row, he or she will also move at the back of the last person on their team line, while the opposing team prepares their server.
  5. Each match will be best two-out-of-3-games (target: 11 pts.)
  6. You are encouraged to show your support by shouting for your teammates.
  7. The official serve rules will apply for this tournament.

ping-pong -pong